About I love a list.com

Hello fellow list lovers!

I'm Holly - founder of i love a list.com, list lover and planning perfectionist.

As you’ve probably guessed from the name, I love a list.

For me, the humble To Do list is a game changer and without it I honestly wouldn’t be able to maintain the required level of organisation I need to get to where I want to be.

In a time when everyone is using technology more and more and it seems as though there is hardly anything your smartphone cannot do I feel that it is even more important not to forget that pen and paper won’t ever go out of fashion and there are a few reasons for this.

As any stationery hoarder will tell you, there is something quite wonderful about picking out a beautiful new notebook or diary and cracking it open for the first time. Even better if you splurged on a shiny new pen at the same time.

Something about that first blank page fills me with hope. This might just be the notebook where I finally write that book or that I fill with stories of travel or that I use to start making my business plans.

There’s also the advantage that your notebook won’t run out of battery, it won’t have a technological break down and leave you stranded. Paper can always be relied upon and it is far more satisfying to cross through a physical To Do List.

Whatever it is that you wish to achieve in life, no matter how big the goal I can guarantee that you won’t get far without utilising lists and being organised.

As the saying goes “failure to plan is planning to fail” and I couldn’t agree more. By choosing to make time to plan you are also giving yourself the best chance of success.

Learning how to effectively manage your time and create balance across all areas of your life will give you so much in return. More time, less stress and a clear mind.

That is why I created ilovealist.com I wanted a place that I could share these tips and also create tools that will help you to achieve those goals. From detailed and carefully designed planners to pretty notebooks, inspirational cards and printable checklists you should be able to find everything you need here. (And if you don’t then just ask, I’m always excited to hear new ideas)

So I hope you’ll enjoy your time here and relax in my very own corner of the internet.

With love

Holly xx