Setting New Year's Resolutions

We’re in that strange period now - the blurry days between Christmas and New Year. A time where traditionally I’m battling with post Christmas Blues.

Christmas has always been my favourite time of the year and it never lets me down. This year has been no exception and was the first time I’ve spent Christmas in a country other than the UK so it has also been a little different. I’m not usually so lucky to have a festive walk on the beach in the sunshine but it was truly a wonderful day and I was surrounded with people I love.

But now what? The tree is still up and the house is filled with chocolate and Christmas leftovers but my festive spirit is slowly evaporating and it’s all a bit depressing.

The build up to Christmas goes on for so long now that I feel a little lost when it’s all over.

Over the Christmas period, I seem to lose all sense of routine. Lounging around in my pjs until 4pm until it gets dark enough to cosy down by the fire and catch up with some favourite box-sets is oh so wonderful but, not particularly conducive to my workload.

Getting back into a routine is, for me, the first step to grabbing the New Year with both hands (I’ll be honest here - in my head this new routine starts early with a run on the beach followed by a healthy breakfast of something with spinach when in reality this will probably only last until January 2nd.)

However, I do know that starting the day right sets the tone and I have a lot of work to do for some exciting new projects coming over the next few weeks so it’s important that I keep that motivation going.

The best way to start this is by setting some New Year’s Resolutions. I read that the most popular New Year’s Resolutions made are often centered around improving ones physical health (losing weight, quitting smoking, drinking less alcohol) and improving one’s mental being (thinking more positively, becoming more organised, reading more books)

I also read that the most common reason for not following through with New Years' Resolutions was because people are setting themselves unrealistic goals. In my last blog post I talk about the importance of setting realistic goals and with this in mind I have designed a NYR planning page.

I have broken the page into four sections - Me, Family & Friends, Career and Financial. I think it’s important to set goals across different areas of your life and by writing them down you can start to think about the steps you will need to take inorder to achieve your goals. Being able to look back at them over the year will help you to stay on track and remind yourself why you set them in the first place.

So why not give it a go? You might just find that 2017 is the year so follow through with those New Year’s Resolutions. You can download the NYR planning page here.

I wish you all a very happy and healthy New Year!


Holly MartinComment