Changing Habits

Firstly I want to say sorry that it's been a little quiet on here lately!

I have been busy working on some exciting new products and that has been taking up a lot of time recently but I will soon be launching it here so keep an eye out!

Now that we are officially in 2017 I thought it would be a good idea to write a post about habits. Changing them, breaking them and making new ones.

For me personally, when thinking about my resolutions for this year, a lot of them revolved around my current habits and wanting to change them.

Habits are not necessarily a bad thing -  in fact most of your daily routine is built on good habits. It is however very easy to slip into bad habits.

A bad habit might be something that affects you physically such as smoking or eating unhealthily, it may be something that affects you mentally like spending too much time on social media or being disorganised and it might even be a financial issue that causes stress like overspending or being in debt.

Once you have identified the habit you want to break, think about the following:

What triggers my bad habit?                    How do I feel afterwards?
How many times a day do I do it?             Why do I want to break this habit?

Then use the following tips to help you break the habit:

Understand your habit

Try to understand why you have developed this habit and also what triggers it. By avoiding those situations or coming up with an alternative habit (a good one!) it will help you make the change.

Set goals

By writing out your goals you can see a plan of action taking shape thus making it easier to follow and adhere to. Just be sure to set realistic timeframes for your goals.

Stay positive

Remind yourself why you wanted to break this habit in the first place and try to visualise how you will feel when you succeed.

Reward yourself

Treat yourself to little rewards when you succeed at breaking your habit, this will help to motivate you and will also make you feel good about yourself for persevering.

Build a support system

A problem shared is a problem halved and the people who care about you will also want you to succeed so share your goal with them so that they can encourage and support you too.


On average it takes about 21days to break a habit so use this timeframe when goal setting and know that if you can make the change for a month, it is more likely to a permanent one.

Do let me know if you use these tips to successfully break a habit or possibly make new ones. Although it's not easy, it definitely will be worth it!


Holly MartinComment