The Three D's

When I’m sorting through my To Do List I always try to use “The three D’s”. Do it, Ditch it or Delegate it.

Inevitably there will always be tasks on my To Do List that have been rolled over from yesterdays list or even last weeks list. It’s usually something mundane and often only requiresa quick phone call. For some reason, this is the type of task I despise and so, I put it off for as long as possible.

However, when I’m working through my tasks it also nearly always falls under the “Do it” rule. If I just force myself to do it there and then, I am usually crossing the task off my list within 5 minutes (so satisfying!)

Then you have the “Ditch it’s”. For me, this tends to be something I wanted to do but didn’t have the time to and it’s then dragged on for months. And as much as I believe that you should always make time for the things you enjoy, more often than not the priority is seeing friends or spending time with family and so some things just have to be taken off the list.

Sometimes it is a task that I haven’t wanted to do and has been put off for so long that it’s now pretty much moot. Therefore, it comes off the list.

Finally, there are the ‘Delegate it’s”. Agreed, there aren’t often many of them but I do sometimes find that a kind family member or friend is better qualified for the task and is happy to help if you ask them very nicely. For really specific tasks you might even want to employ a little help just to take some of the pressure off of you.

So there you have them, try it next time you have a long list to work through and see how quickly you will be able to sort out your tasks using The Three D's.


Holly MartinComment