The Angel Planner


I've always loved stationery. For me, opening a fresh new notebook always gives me a hopeful feeling. I'm always looking for ways to improve myself and get more organised and maintain focus.

As the saying goes “failure to plan is planning to fail” and I couldn’t agree more. By choosing to make time to plan you are also giving yourself the best chance of success.

So many of us wear multiple hats and it can be a struggle to maintain balance and to avoid feeling overwhelmed by our To Do Lists.

This was one of the reasons I designed The Angel Planner. Having bought many planners over the years, I knew what I didn't like about some of them and why I continued to seek out the perfect planner.

For example, I didn't like planners that had a beautiful front cover but dull inner pages, or planners that had very thin inner pages so my writing would bleed through the paper, or planners that were so heavy I couldn't really take them with me on a day to day basis, or planners that didn't provide me with enough space to keep on top of all aspects of my life.

I kept all of this in mind when designing The Angel Planner and am thrilled with the result.

As each Angel Planner is hand made to order there is more flexibility with the design. One of my favourite things about The Angel Planner is that it begins the month it is ordered so there is NO wasted space. 

At the start of each month there is a monthly overview for you to see all of your upcoming events at a glance. There’s also a budget plan for each month to help you keep track of your finances. I understand the importance of setting goals and have designed space throughout the Angel Planner for you to do just that.

The Angel Planner is available in a 6 month daily format or a 12 month weekly format.

To make the planners even more unique and personal, you can choose your cover from a variety of beautiful designs and have your name or initials printed onto the front. You can even have your own photo as the front and back covers.

The front and back covers are laminated making the planner sturdy and easy to keep in excellent condition whilst light enough to chuck in your bag and go!

So if you are anything like me and want to get all aspects of your life under control and maintain the balance, then why not try The Angel Planner? You won't regret it!



Holly MartinComment