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Why Paper Is So Important

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Last week, I dropped my phone. Probably for the 100th time in the few years I’ve had it but this was the final blow and when I hastily retrieved it, the screen was a scary mess of green and orange lines. I’m no expert but even I could tell that there was no hope for my poor, battered iPhone.

At first I was sad but this quickly turned into a panicky feeling when I realised that not only would no-one be able to get hold of me but I too wouldn’t be able to get hold of anyone else. It’s not that I’m oh so popular, but I use my phone number for work and personal - possibly not a great idea - and as any small business owner knows, there’s a fair amount of pressure to keep on top of the many social media apps with regular posts and photos.. some of which can only be done via the phone app.

By the end of the day I had ordered a new phone but as I’m currently in Spain, it won’t arrive here until next week so I am now on Day 10 of being ‘phone-less’ and I have to say it’s not been quite as horrendous as I first thought. I do find myself reaching into my bag for it before remembering and of course, I have no idea if I’ve missed any important calls but I’ve managed that side of things using my laptop.

However the whole situation serves as a good reminder. Technology is a wonderful thing and I simply wouldn’t be able to run my business without it nor would I be able to stay in such close contact with friends and family whilst I’m traveling.

But we mustn’t forget good old fashioned paper. There are so many reasons why people will always continue to choose notebooks and pens over phones, tablets and laptops. This was surely one of the most obvious ones…

If you drop your notebook, it won’t break, it’s highly unlikely anyone would steal it, it doesn’t run out of battery and it isn’t dependent on a signal.

It’s reliable. When I broke my phone I was grateful that I’m always going to be a paper and pen kinda girl and keep all my notes, lists, important occasions, contacts etc in my planner.

So, although I am looking forward to receiving my shiny new phone, I’m even more determined to keep the most important parts of my life safely inside my notebook.