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The Hostess Checklist

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In just a few days, one of my best friends and her partner are coming to stay for a week which I am so looking forward to as we don’t get to see each other as much now that we live so far apart.

I started making a few lists of things that I need to do prior to their arrival and thought it might be a handy thing to share with all of you.

So whether you have guests coming for an overnight stay or a week, these tips will help you to be the ultimate hostess:


Firstly, I always give the house a good old deep clean. I make sure to clean all the bathrooms, hoover and wash the floors, dust and polish and clean out the fridge. It’s also a great prompt to finish any half completed decorating projects!

Guest Room

I always make sure I have clean bedding to put on the spare bed and consider the weather when making up the room. As it’s getting pretty warm here now, just a light duvet will do but I also pop a throw on the bed in case they get chilly in the night and add a few extra pillows.

I also put clean bath and hand towels on the bed for them to use whilst they are here.

It’s nice for guests to be able to unpack properly during their stay so make sure there is some space for them to use in the wardrobe and some hangers.

Making sure that the room is as comfortable as possible will help ensure that your guests enjoy their stay. Adding little touches like fresh flowers or a scented candle, fresh drinking water and emergency toiletries can make a big difference.


Provide detailed instructions of how to get to your home and keep your phone handy in case they get lost. Be ready for your guests when they arrive and take them to their room to freshen up and relax for half an hour.

If you are picking your guests up from a train station or airport make sure you have their travel details so that you can be on time to collect them.


I always do a big food shop before guests come to visit, ensuring I have a full fridge of meals and snacks as well as drinks.

It’s a good idea to double check with your guests prior to their arrival whether they have any allergies or food preferences before doing the big shop.

The little extras

Depending on how long your guests are staying for it’s a good idea to put a plan together for their visit. I tend to plan a few different activities during their stay but also make sure to leave them ample down time to relax!

Morning etiquette - Showing your guests where everything is in the kitchen and making it clear that they can help themselves will make them feel at home and save them any awkwardness.

Make a note of your wifi code so that they can connect up and show them how to use your television etc.

Enjoy it - Probably the most important thing of all. Don’t let a visit from friends stress you out or cause anxiety. Ultimately they’ve come to see you so make the most of your time with them and enjoy yourself!