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Why Writing A List Can Help Improve Your Sleep

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We all know how important it is to get a good nights sleep and I have always been the type of person that really needs a good eight hours a night in order to be my very best self the following day.

However, I have also found that when I have a lot going on the first thing that is affected is my sleep.

I’m sure you know the feeling, lying in bed in the early hours of the morning with all these thoughts running through your mind making it almost impossible to fall asleep.

Everything always seems worse at night time too. The smallest worry suddenly feels enormous when you’re lying there in the dark. Even things that should be positive can sometimes begin to feel overwhelming in those hours.

This happened to me the other night. I went to bed feeling perfectly happy but within half an hour, I was lying there thinking through everything that was going on in my life and began to feel pretty panicked about all the ‘what ifs’ and worst case scenarios.

I think it’s always sensible to consider all the possible outcomes of any decision or situation but it’s definitely not sensible to start doing this when you’re trying to fall asleep.

When I woke up the next morning, I could hardly even remember why I had felt so stressed in the night. With my ‘rational’ head on I felt in control and calm but when I’m tired at the end of the day, I just can’t think in the same way.

So I decided to write a list.

Just before I went to bed, I sat down and wrote out the things that had kept me up the night before and listed those worries and fears. Afterwards I wrote out a list of all the positive things that were happening in my life and the things that I am grateful for. That list was much longer and after I re-read I was reminded of all the wonderful things that I do have and how much there is to look forward to.

And it really did help. Just by getting it out of my head and onto paper, I could see more clearly what I was worried about and I could make a conscious decision to tackle those things the next day when I could focus on them properly.

But also, by making my last thoughts for the evening positive ones, I really did feel that it helped me to have a peaceful nights sleep.


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