The Adventure Begins - Big Life Update

As you may, or may not, have noticed I have been a bit crap at updating my blog and social media of late. I do have a valid excuse for this, I promise!

When I first set up it was with the intention to focus my blog and social media on tips for getting organised and using lists as part of the process but also keeping the site more ‘professional’ and keeping my personal life separate.

However, the problem with that is that whenever I have something big going on I struggle to keep on top of the ‘professional’ posts and blogs etc..

Right now, I have quite a few ‘big’ things going on hence the lack of updates on the website and I have come to the conclusion that I need to review my original intentions for the site if I have any hope of keeping it all going.

So basically, the outcome is that I will talk more about the things I am working on, especially as I’m having to be extra super organised right now and have about 100 To Do Lists on the go so I’m hopeful that it will still be helpful for other people either going through the same things or thinking about it….

My main ‘big thing’ right now is that I am opening a shop! It’s a huge and exciting project but as we are in the very beginning stages it is also not without it’s challenges and there is a lot to be done in not very much time.

I’ll give you a little background. If you didn’t already know, I moved to Spain last year from Oxford, England. There were many factors in the decision to move countries, one of the biggest being my family as they were here and I missed them massively and also had a sad case of FOMO.

I’ve been with my fiancé (that word makes me cringe for some reason, but it’s the truth) for three years now after we met, and lived for a short period of time, in Portugal. He’s a (very good) chef and has spent a lot of his life travelling as he can pretty much find work anywhere. Anyway, we both felt like we were pretty fed up with our life in England. He worked crazy long hours which meant that we barely saw each other and the cost of life was so high in our area that we felt like there was no light at the end of the tunnel.

I think there’s an expression about working to live rather than living to work which pretty much sums it up.

We both agreed that whilst we are young enough and only have ourselves to worry about, we would take the risk and make a big change.

So here we are. In beautiful and very, very hot right now, Spain.

The second part of this story is that I have always, always, always wanted to own a shop of my very own. Luckily, my wonderful and supportive parents were also looking for a new project, and hey presto we decided to open a shop here.

Of course I will be selling my planners and notebooks in the shop but we are also focusing on selling home furnishing type things - candles, clocks, mirrors, bedding, lights, rugs - you get the picture.

As of now, we have taken on the shop, ordered most of the stock, completed most of the paperwork side of things (which is a fair bit more complicated than in England) started painting pallets to make some unique furniture (I’m pretty sure my poor dad dies inside a little every time I tell him I found another pallet project on Pinterest) and are smartening up the shop.

The only real set back is that we still don’t have our electricity and water connected - as I say it’s a bit different here than in England - and until this is done, a lot of the major work to the shop cannot be started. I have been told, for the third week running, that this should be sorted next week so I can only keep my fingers crossed that it is.

I feel like I’ve rambled on enough now but basically I just wanted to bring you up to speed a bit and let you know that I’ll be sharing our shop opening journey and a bit more of my own life which, if nothing else, will hopefully give you a laugh.  



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