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Fig Is Open - Shop Reveal!

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Well, we finally did it, we opened Fig! Strangely the last push was almost the hardest. There were so many small things still to get done and we definitely learned the hard way that the peak of summer may not have been the best time to be trying to decorate, furnish and clean a shop!

But despite the heat, we’ve made it to opening day and it feels amazing. I’m writing this on our opening day afternoon and can happily say we had quite a few visitors to the shop this morning and our first few sales. Everybody was really complimentary of the shop and stock and had lots of good wishes for us which was a lovely way to start the day.

It feels rather surreal that we actually have our own shop filled with beautiful things. I was awake early this morning as we suddenly realised we needed a cash float for the till so I had to get to the bank first thing and in all honesty, I was freaked. Firstly, it was already 30 degrees so my plan to get all dolled up for my first day went straight to s***t as make up slid down my face and despite straightening my hair, twice, I went with what is quickly becoming my signature look and had to pull it up. I then got to the bank and realised I’d forgotten all the paperwork for the shop. Luckily, Mark went and picked it up for me and once I arrived at the shop and after downing an iced frappe latte, I felt a lot calmer.

I don’t know if I was more nervous about no customers coming in or about them actually coming in!

It was all fine though and I’m looking forward to the week ahead and our launch party on Saturday.

I know I shared a few sneak peak photos on social media, but I thought I’d also share some of the “before” and “after” and maybe some in-betweens too.

I also just wanted to thank you all for your messages of luck and support because they really do mean so much.