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DIY Pallet & Door Furniture

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Buenos Dias!

Hopefully you’ve had a lovely weekend and are feeling motivated for the week ahead!

I’ve had a lot of comments about some of the DIY furniture we made for the shop so I thought I’d share it with you here.

Reclaiming wood furniture such as old doors or pallets can be a great way to save money and is also quite good fun.

Pallets are usually pretty easy to pick up for free as most large companies have their deliveries bought on them and then chuck them out. We found nearly all of ours for free but did ask one large shop if we could buy a few from them that were stacked outside and they only charged us €2 per pallet so it was still a bargain.

We also found the old wooden door but again if you can’t find one you can usually pick them up cheaply enough from reclamation yards.

You will also need some sandpaper, filler and some paint. If you can, go for chalk paint for indoor furniture but if you’re using it outdoors you will need a waterproof paint. You may also need to use a primer for bare wood, such as the pallets, as this will make the paint smoother and easier to apply.

We turned an old wooden door into a headboard:

Firstly, we scraped and sanded back as much of the old paint as we could. Then we used filler to smooth out any cracks in the wood.

Once the filler had dried we applied a grey chalk paint. We then rubbed this down to create a distressed look and finally we waxed it afterwards.

We then fixed 2 wooden posts to the door and screwed these into the wall. And voila! A new headboard that cost next to nothing.

Pallet Shop Counter:

We had a pretty large space to create our shop counter but struggled to find one for a reasonable price with the right layout, so we decided to make one instead.

As I said, we got nearly all the pallets for free and in total we used four.

We sanded each pallet, filled in any cracks and then painted them with acrylic paint.

 Next we screwed them together and attached a wooden top that we bought from hardware shop.

It turned out perfectly as we have plenty of space for our chairs and bags, tissue paper etc and a nice long counter for display as well as the till.

Pallet Furniture:

You can pretty much turn pallets into any furniture you want but we just doubled them up, popped a few cushions on and added one to create a back for a little seating area.

This also works really well in a garden and you can have glass or perspex cut to size to create a little table.

I hope you found a little inspiration from this post. Feel free to message me if you have any questions and please do share any photos of your own DIY creations.