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I Love A Home Manicure

LovesHolly MartinComment

One of the things on my August's self care challenge was to book in for your fave beauty treatment so I dutifully booked myself in for a manicure. However, things are so busy lately that I ended up having to cancel and instead I decided to treat myself to some new nail polish and do an at home mani.

I discovered these little beauties and I have to say I'm seriously impressed! They are the Essence gel nail polish, high intensity colour with long lasting wear.


Not only were they an absolute bargain (about £2 per polish) but they are hands down one of the best home gel nail polishes I've ever used. Easy to apply, lots of pretty colours and the shine lasted for days. If you do a really good home manicure I would say it should last for at least a week without chipping or peeling.

So here are my steps to a really good home manicure:

Step One - Nail prep is key! Firstly wash your hands and nails to remove any little hairs and build up. Then file your nails into the shape you want them, I always go for a round finish as I think it looks more natural. Now this step is the key to success - make sure you buff your nails to remove some of the natural oils that build up. This will help the polish adhere much better.

Step Two - Apply the base coat. Try to do this in one smooth movement starting from the nail bed right to the top. Allow to dry fully.


Step Three - Apply colour. Depending on which colour you go for you may need two coats. I love pale pinks and nude colours in the summer so I went for no. 5 Sweet as candy. Allow to dry fully.


Step Four - Apply the top coat. Make sure you have a good sized blob and seal the ends of your nails by taking the brush along the edge of your nail tip. Allow to dry fully.


And voilah! Beautiful nails! Definitely do this when you have a little time on your hands or you are bound to smudge them and make sure you let each layer dry before applying the next one. I find this makes big difference to how long they last and seems to prevent them turning into one thick layer that peels right off.