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My Favourite Autumn Handbags

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Okay, technically, it's still summer.. especially in Spain, however it actually rained yesterday. Rained! And it was amazing. I got to sleep in pyjamas and put my make up on without it sliding straight off. AND it got me thinking about the upcoming season - AUTUMN! We're so close I can smell the pumpkin spice lattes and I've spent some happy hours looking at knitted jumpers, cosy hats and of course handbags!

So my lovelies, as it's always nice to share, I thought I'd show you some of my fave bags for autumn from designer to high street.

Side note: Could I write one of these beauties off as a business expense if I used it in a blog post???

The Classic Tote

I'll be straight up here. I'm totes a tote kinda girl (see what I did there?) The classic tote can be easily overlooked by it's flashy sisters but you will never and I repeat never, go wrong with a simple yet stylish tote bag. Perfect for every day use, easy to carry and you get a ton of room for all your junk. I mean, very important essentials. So here are my favourite over-the-shoulder-boulder-holders:

DESIGNER - The Bayswater Tote - Mulberry

This emerald goddess is selling for £695 on Mulberry's website and comes in quite the range of colours but I really thought this Ocean Green was the perfect addition to any autumn wardrobe. It features the classic postman's lock, can probably hold more than Mary Poppins' own bag and even comes with a removable pocket for your smaller essentials!


HIGH STREET - Moc Croc Tote Bag - Glamourous

I found this gem on ASOS and couldn't believe it's bargain price tag of £28.00. It's faux leather and ring detail makes it look especially glam and it comes in a greeny-grey colour that I think would go with pretty much everything.

The (not-so) Hobo Bag

Still gives a girl plenty of space and has that strange ability to bring both sophistication and youth to an outfit. Win win.

DESIGNER - The Pierce Suede Hobo Bag - JW Anderson

I found this bad boy on Selfridges website for (a slightly eye watering) £1,250. In soft, supple suede and featuring the signature barbell piercing, this bag will make your autumn wardrobe oh so cool whilst also giving you plenty of space. It has a detachable shoulder strap and is light to carry making it the perfect daytime bag for busy women.


HIGH STREET - The Sienna Leather Slouch Hobo Bag - Topshop

Talk about twin-ing, I found this one on Topshop's website for just £38 and you can't deny it's similarities to the designer version. This hobo features a single strap too and is also made from tanned soft suede.

The Small Shoulder Bag

Another wardrobe staple. The small shoulder bag should never be underestimated. This bag can go from office to bar and holds just the right amount of 'stuff'.

DESIGNER - Monogram Quilted Shoulder Bag - Saint Laurent

Currently selling for £1,625 on Selfridges' website, this bag has been top of my wish list for quite some time, but alas no one has yet found an appropriate occasion to buy it for me - sigh. It's the ultimate little black bag in quilted leather and features a gold chain strap and gold monogram. This is a classic bag, guaranteed to stand the test of time.


HIGH STREET - Sandy Chain Quilted Bag - Accessorize

Okay, so it's not quite the YSL bag of my dreams but this cute quilted bag from Accessorize is pretty close for it's price tag of just £20 (currently reduced from £25) It will still do the job and plus, my mum's name is Sandy!

The Rucksack

Light-years away from the hideous one shoulder strap I carted around school (cringe) the rucksack is now in a league of it's own and makes it both easy and stylish to travel a bit heavier.

DESIGNER - The rucksack backpack - Burberry

More than just a rucksack this beautiful backpack is on Net-a-Porter for £1,395 but just look at it. Made from soft leather in the perfect pink and with lots of compartments I feel like this bag would actually organise my life for me. It's even got a padded mesh back for added comfort!


HIGH STREET - Crushed Velvet Backpack - Glamorous

I thought twice about this one as it's a bit of a marmite bag but personally, I love it and it's just £30 from ASOS. It's super feminine in this soft pink velvet and I would 100% use it especially for travelling as I think it would bring some fun to your outfit.

I could talk about bags forever so I should probably stop here but hopefully I've given you a few ideas for your Autumn handbag collection!