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Creating A Brand Style Guide

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As well as designing my own logos and websites over the last few years, I’ve also designed for other people and I thought you might like to see a little bit more of the process behind creating a strong brand for your business and how you can do it yourself. This is a topic that I’ll probably go through in a few different posts so that we can look at each stage.

One of the first things I create when preparing for a new design project is brand style guide. You might have heard this called a few different names such as inspiration board, mood board, brand guide etc but essentially it’s a collection of images, text and colours that represent and reflect your own brand and help you to visualise your own designs more clearly.

The best place to start is Pinterest. You’ll find a whole world of inspiration there and can easily set up a board solely for this purpose. The images your choose don't need to be related to your business in terms of their content. Usually they represent colour schemes or certain styles and shapes you want to incorporate into your branding.

I use Adobe Illustrator for nearly all of my design projects so I just ‘place’ my favourite Pinterest images into a page on Illustrator and then crop and edit them into a board. I also add colour swatches here too.


This, combined with information I’ve gathered from the client, such as their key brand words, target audience and mission statement etc. helps me to come up with the logo design and final brand style guide. This board is a mixture of images from the initial board combined with their logo design and key fonts.


This board then becomes a key tool that I continue to use throughout the design project. I refer back to it when building the website or designing other things such as business cards, leaflets or labels.

I'll share a few more brand style guides I've created soon but if there's anything you'd like to know in more detail, feel free to drop me a message.