Take the i love a list quiz to see how organised you really are!


Do you keep a regular ‘To do’ list that gets updated upon completion?

a) Always, often more than one
b) Most of the time
c) Not very often
d) Never

If you needed an important document, would you immediately know where to find it?

a) Yes, all my paperwork is filed in the appropriate place
b) Probably, I do tend to keep important paperwork together
c) Possibly, but it might take me a while
d) No, I would need to have a good hunt around the house for it and hope it hadn’t been thrown away

Have you ever forgotten a friends birthday/anniversary/special occasion and how did they feel?

a) Never, I always post cards out and buy gifts in advance
b) Possibly once or twice and they were understanding as it isn’t like me at all
c) A few times and they were a bit miffed
d) Quite often I forget occasions but my friends are used to it

How do you feel when you have an important event coming up that you need to prepare for?

a) Totally in control, I’ve already crossed off half the list
b) Quite calm, I know that I can get prepared easily
c) A little overwhelmed, there’s a lot to get done and not much time to do it
d) Stressed, where to even begin?

When was the last time you had a good clear out and de-cluttering session?

a) Just last week, I’m always keeping my wardrobe and cupboards clutter free
b) Probably last month, I try and keep things as clear as possible
c) At least once this year, I have a mammoth session every so often
d) I can’t remember, I’ve got a lot to sort through so it’s hard to find the time

How do you manage deadlines?

a) Really well, I’ve never missed one
b) It’s never usually a problem for me
c) Sometimes quite stressed but I do usually make it on time
d) I’m notorious for missing deadlines and it always make me panic

How would you rate your financial planning?

a) I’m always in control of my finances and pay all my bills on time
b) I make sure to set up outgoing payments and keep on top of my finances
c) Not too bad, most of the time I keep on top of bills but have been known to forget the odd payment
d) I frequently receive late payment charges and avoid looking too closely at my finances

There’s a business trip coming up at work, what would your role be in making the arrangements?

a) I would be asked to take charge and make the most important arrangements
b) I wouldn’t mind offering to help with the bigger decisions
c) I would just take whichever role was required of me
d) I wouldn't have a role

You have a long journey coming up that you haven’t done before. Do you?

a) Get straight onto google maps and print off your route, making sure to have a back up in case of traffic
b) Remember to bring the Sat Nav
c) Ask for directions from a friend that’s done the journey before
d) Only remember about the journey the evening before

You receive a letter from your doctor asking you to make an appointment. Do you?

a) Call them as soon as they open and put the appointment in my diary
b) Pop the letter in my diary to remind me to call them when I have a free moment
c) Call them when I find the letter a month later
d) Forget where I put the letter and it’s existence